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Los Nogales Museum Los Nogales Museum (1849): Birthplace of the Seguin Conservation Society
415 S. Austin St.
Conservator: Greg Ander 379-3257

In 1951, the citizens of Seguin rallied to save the tiny adobe building we now call Los Nogales. Built in 1849 of hand-formed, sun-dried abode, it is one of the oldest structures in Seguin. Virginia Woods led the effort to raise money to purchase it on the corner of River and Live Oak streets, negotiating a sale price of $750 from Dr. Hugh Davis. Her late husband Wilton Woods, then a building contractor, supervised the reconstruction. Authentic cypress shingles were made at a water-driven sawmill in Ottine. From that restoration effort, the Seguin Conservation Society was born.

Over the years, this primitive home with its pioneer kitchen and mysterious cellar became home to many historical artifacts of the Conservation Society. Weather and moisture were damaging paper, leather and other materials, so the SCS has moved many items into climate-controlled storage. We also undertook an effort to put our collections on public display in alternative locations in hopes that more people in Seguin and the surrounding area will become aware of the treasures that we have.

Wells Fargo bank is currently displaying religious books from Los Nogales. Books dating to the year 1705 are in the display case in the foyer of the bank. The bank is showcasing the influence of the several nationalities that make up the population of Seguin by showing documents depicting the legacy and contributions of the Hispanic community to Seguin.

The Silver Center celebrated Education Month during September and inquired about artifacts from early Seguin and Guadalupe County. Documents from the Capote School dating to 1854, a diploma from the women's college, textbooks used in the 1870s, and the fire gong from the Mary B. Erskine School were put on temporary loan during September. Many people were made aware of the Conservation Society's holdings for the first time.

As we begin to identify more artifacts and develop stories around them, signage will be made and the exhibits will become more enlightening and enjoyable. For example, we now have an interesting exhibit of "Laundry Day in Old Seguin." If you would like to help create exhibits, or just want a tour of Los Nogales, please call the conservator Greg Ander at 379-3257.

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