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Dear Seguin Conservation Society Members,

WOW!!! What a year 2016 was! And we are ready for an even more successful 2017 with your help.

The Seguin Conservation Society enjoyed many high points in 2016. Moore House luncheons continued to be successful and well attended. We had a number of special tours for youth and adult groups of our properties and continually received so many positive comments.

The Seguin birthday party in August was one of our “hottest” events of the year (and no it wasn’t the Texas heat). We brought back our delicious barbecue meal and added a golf tournament, and kept our favorite event, the homemade ice cream contest. All this resulted in one of our most financially successful birthday parties ever.

We ended the year with “a little bit soggy” Holiday Tour of Homes. Despite the rain, we had over 200 people brave the elements and enjoy the beautiful home and church.

These successes, along with your membership dues and support at events, have enabled the SCS to meet the challenges of maintaining historic properties. Insurance costs and building maintenance dominate our expenses, it is not easy!!

During the year, we held several events, including two Mah Jongg events at the Texas Theatre with proceeds going to restore our Calaboose. We also received several grants, including one from the Seguin Gazette, that will enable us to move forward with the restoration of the Calaboose, one of the few remaining in Texas. A well-developed plan is in place to restore the calaboose, lift it back on it’s wheels and place it on a concrete area with a covered rooftop to limit deterioration. The SCS plans to move it behind the First Church and Campbell Log Cabin. With some replacement of siding and sealer, we believe that the calaboose will be an even more appealing artifact to visit. There is also a plan to install lighting to make the area more secure and visible. The SCS vision is to make Heritage Village into a park and place of interest for the neighborhood, where one might tour structures, but also picnic and sit on benches or stroll along pathways enjoying a garden-like atmosphere with native Texas plants.

Also, in 2017, we want to payoff our note on the Texas Theatre. When the building opened in March 2011, we borrowed $230,000 to make the final renovation payment. As of Dec. 21, 2016, we only owe $48,500 on that note...WOW. Because of dedicated volunteers, strict management, regular rentals and special events at this beautiful Seguin landmark, not only has the Texas paid down the note, they continually pay their own utilities and all operational costs, as well as contribute to the SCS for insurance.

As you can see, we have so much to be thankful for and bright hopes for a successful year. That begins with you and our thanks for renewing your membership support. We appreciate not only your financial support, but your attendance at our events! You make Seguin great!

As you fill out your membership envelope and write your check, we ask that you add “a little extra”– you can designate it to pay off the note for the Texas or just for support of our special events, or you can designate it for the Calaboose project! Whichever, or both, we sincerely appreciate it.

We know you will want to continue to be a part of the SCS life, so rejoin our proud preservation efforts for 2017 and visit our web page showing our events at the various properties; (www.seguinconservation.org). Check out www.thetexas.org.


Kay Martin

Seguin Conservation Society President

Message from the President

History of the Seguin Conservation Society

The Seguin Conservation Society was officially formed on September 11, 1951. The purpose for these initial meetings of representatives from various civic organizations was to acquire and restore the “Little House” on the corner of South River and Live Oak Streets owned by Dr. Hugh Davis. The first project was completed and later became known as Los Nogales Museum.

Members of the original Board of Directors were D.W. Reneau, Aileen Williams, Elizabeth Schuessler, Henry Donegan Jr., E.W. Bartholomae, Hilda Weinert, Leonie Pape, Raymond Thompson and Willie Mae Weinert. Members of the original project committee were Virginia Woods, Maud Baer, Joe Burgess, Frieda Saegert, Walter Frey, Sue Smith and Clark Core. Many citizens of Seguin, past and present, have generously contributed time, effort and money to the goals of the Society in preserving the history of our community.

The Conservation Society continues many projects to further this preservation endeavor, which include: Moore House Luncheons held the first Thursday of each month, September through June; the City of Seguin Birthday Party held each August at the Campbell Log Cabin; the Heritage Christmas Tour of Homes and, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, True Women tours to our city to visit historical sites noted in the book by Janice Woods Windle.

Throughout the past 50 years the Conservation Society has grown in membership and properties. Membership today totals over 400 with a very active volunteer base. Historic structures owned by the society, in addition to the Los Nogales Museum and Texas Theatre, include the Dietz Doll House, Campbell Log Cabin, The Moore House and Seguin’s First Church. The Conservation Society is committed to public, as well as private, investment in historical sites to be preserved for the knowledge and cultural benefit of present and future citizens of Seguin and the surrounding areas.

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Board of Directors

Kay Martin, President

Norma Colunga, Vice President

Mary Jane Windle, Secretary

Steve Tschoepe, Treasurer


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